Saxmute ONE (Alto/Tenor)

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Saxmute ONE is an affordable solution for those who want to reduce the volume of their saxophone whilst practising.
The mute reduces the volume by around 75%, making it about as loud as a TV or hairdryer!
No more complaints from the neighbours and no more practise curfew, you can play all night long without even waking someone in the next room.
The mute is made from two halves of hard plastic lined with acoustic foam. Two hole allows you to access the key-work whilst the crook protrudes from the top of the mute. 
The two halves connect via a magnetic seal making it very simple to insert or remove a saxophone.
The mute can either be used with a regular sax sling, a standard size speaker stand or in conjunction with a Hercules 'AGS Saxophone Tall Stand' (DS730B).
Unlike some other products of a similar nature, the Saxmute ONE allows more air to circulate around the instrument, improving intonation and making it more free blowing, especially in the lower register. 

We recommend that the saxmute one is most effective in conjunction with the Hercules DS730B so we are offering a bundle package with a discount £10 (more than 20%) off the price of the Hercules DS730B if purchased together, just select from the dropdown when deciding which colour/size mute you would like!

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