Selmer Reference 54 Alto Dark Gold

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The "Reference" Alto exhibits a strong personality for an instrument of such modern design and manufacture, and each musician will recognise the original “Mark VI” feeling. 

Acoustics, ergonomic features and aesthetics evoke the spirit of this celebrated model : 

  • rich, round tone colour, very centred blowing and exceptional tuning balance,

  • compact and precise keywork, comfortable handling, 

  • a specific finish with a fine engraving and dark lacquer. 

  • The “Reference” Alto stands out for its great ease of playing, flexibility and power, giving free rein to each person's expressiveness.   

  • Specifications


Dark Gold Lacquer Engraved (DGG)

Key: E flat

Range: high F sharp

Thumb rest: multidirectional, in metal.

Leather pads, plastic booster



Spirit E-flat Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 


E-flat Alto Saxophone Reference Case 

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