Selmer Supreme "Modèle 2022" Limited Edition Alto Sax

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The Supreme alto “Modèle 2022” celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first saxophone to be manufactured in the Henri SELMER Paris workshops in 1922.

Produced in a limited series of 641 pieces – in reference to the number of parts needed to assemble it – this new version of the Supreme alto benefits from the same acoustic, mechanical and ergonomic qualities, but is distinguished by a specific, innovative and creative design.

The sound of the Supreme is the result of a perfect balance between:
• A roundness combined with an immense richness of timbre
• An ideally distributed accuracy
• An ease and a flexibility of play that is unheard of
• A great power of projection

Its exclusive matte dark gold finish is highlighted by the contrast of a palette of blacks on the guards, the body-to-bell grenadilla wood medallion, the pads and the mother-of-pearls. The patterns of its engraving, resolutely Art Déco, evoke the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, that saw the birth 
of the first SELMER saxophone.

The body and the keywork are lacquered in matte dark gold, an exclusive finish that creates a unique light and reflections. The design of the gold-plated body-to-bell is reminiscent of the microphones of the 1920s. A black grenadilla wood medallion with the golden "S" of SELMER is inserted in its center. The pads are made of black leather and the resonators are brushed lacquered with a wavy shape. For maximum durability, the two thumb rests are gold plated.

Each instrument is unique, with a limited edition number on the neck-to-body connection.

The engraving pays tribute to Paris and its monuments (notably Montmartre, where Henri SELMER Paris was founded), to past and future musicians, and to the Art Deco artistic movement.


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