(Used) Selmer 'Prototype' Balanced Action Alto circa.1935

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I'm not sure how to describe this other than a 'prototype BA'

Clearly along the lines of the BA design but made a year before they were released 

It's hard to tell which parts on this horn are original and which are more recent additions, this is not helped by the re-lacquer it has had in more recent times (70s?)

However, two things are certain: 

1. This is a very unusual Selmer Alto which displays some design features I've never seen before and certainly didn't feature on any other Selmer models.

2. This horn sounds amazing! a very warm whispery tone like most BA altos

The cosmetic condition I would describe weathered yet mechanically sound, the playing condition I would describe as good but with some room for improvement. As with all our used instruments, it comes with a 6 month warranty and a free service.

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