(Used) Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone circa.1935

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From the pre-WWII golden era of 10Ms with rolled tone holes

Despite having a relatively recent re-lacquer the iconic 'naked lady face' engraving is still all visible

The bell key-guard is a slightly different design to most 10Ms, I'm unsure if this is original or not although I've been told that it has been seen before on some earlier 10Ms, maybe an experimental design in the early production phase? Either way, it looks great!

There are a few signs of repair in-keeping with any instrument of this age, but it has been lovingly restored and is now in a great playing condition ready for many years of playing. There is a patch on the neck which seems well soldered and doesn't appear to be leaking at all

The sling hook has been moved for a more erognomics playign position.

This 10M has a particularly thick tone, more so than most, definitely leaning more towards the tone of a New Wonder II than a post WWII Conn.

Serial number: 266***

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