(Used) Conn New Wonder II 'Transitional' Tenor Sax circa.1933

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This New Wonder II is from the 'transitional' period at the end of their production when features seen in the later 10M model were slowly introduced

This horn has been re-lacqured some time ago in a dark honey gold colour but as you can see form the pictures the engraving is still sharp. The horn itself is in an incredibly good shape and has clearly not seen a tremendous amount of playing in it's life, let alone sustained any damage or undergone any serious repair work.

The combination of a full mechanical rebuild and the use of synthetic felts and teflon give this vintage horn a slight modern action. 

The sling hook has been moved for a more erognomics playign position.

'Naked lady face' engraving

Nail-file G#

Raised side E key

This tenor has a  huge meaty tone that's quite milky up top but unbelievably thick at the bottom end

Serial number: 258***

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