(Used) Selmer 'Adolphe' Tenor Sax circa.1930

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Fully overhauled, perfect playing condition.

All the keywork has been refitted correctly so it's tight, light and super smooth.

Some signs of cosmetic wear and repair such as lacquer wear or missing lacquer from re-soldering but no signs of structural trauma. The horn is in amazing condition considering it's 90 years old!

I dout the lacquer is original but it's certainly not an obvious re-lacquer and the lacquer is certainly of a similar age to the horn and has been applied well, there's no loss of detail in the engraving but it's very hard to tell with horns of this age, so I wouldn't like to claim it as original, you decide!

The sound is not dissimilar to a super series Selmer but with a more formidable presence like a vintage American horn. Think Dexter Gordon after going on a foreign exchange trip where he got into writing poetry and smoking roll-up cigarettes. Confident yet refined.

Selmer Body Serial: 12476

Adolphe Bell Serial: 1088

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