(Used) Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Sax 23***

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This particular instrument I've historically coveted as the 'best sounding Selmer I've played' and I stand by that statement to this day!

It has a warm woolley core with tons of clarity around the edges, unlike a lot of later Selmers it doesn't have the tendency (for me) to play sharp at the top end so much easier to control tuning in the altissimo range.

It's clearly been re-lacquered and subsequently lost all of the re-lacquer leaving a very satisfying patina which enforces the fact that this is clearly a 'player's horn'. 

The engraving, albeit slightly faded from the historic de-lacquering process, is an exquisite art deco style which looks amazing! ...and isn't tremendously common.

No signs of serious damage or major repair

Fully serviced, in excellent playing condition 

as with all our used instruments, this horn comes with a 6 months warranty and free service

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