(Used) Selmer Mark VI 'five digit' Tenor - 99% original lacquer circa.1961

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Firstly, this saxophone is certainly not what we'd call a 'player's horn', the condition is unbelievably stunning and therefore it would probably be more fitting in a museum as you're unlikely to ever find another 5 digit mark VI tenor in as good condition as this, hence the £11,000 sale price. Having said this, it was appraised by one of the most knowledgeable UK vintage horn dealers at £14, you could say that it's 'priced to sell!', but I won't.

Original lacquer 99%, British engraving

Made in 1961 serial number: 94*** 

Original pads (except 2)

No high F# key

There is some light lacquer wear to the octave key, thumb hook and side keys and some oxidation around some of the soldering joints but otherwise the instrument is in an incredible condition.

Despite the pads being almost 60 years old, the instrument plays top to bottom with a quintessentially focused mark VI tone.

If you're not a collector but looking for a 5 digit mark VI that will last you the rest of your life... this could be it.

This instrument is a commission sale and the price has not been dictated by us but by the owner under advice from a top UK mark VI specialist, any sensible offers will be welcomed and relayed to the owner for consideration. 

For more information or more detailed images please email or call 0117 907 0493

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