(Used) Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax 56***


Product Details

 Made in 1954 (the first year of production), They don't get much earlier than this!

Silver plated

No high F#

Fully overhauled

Having spoken to Selmer's historian Doug Pipher about this horn he informed me that this particular horn was shipped from Paris to Selmer London in December 1954, it was sent engraved but with no lacquer or setup. This made it very hard for us to asses if the current silver plating is the instrument's original finish, there are some parts which certainly suggest originality but other areas which suggest may suggest re-plating. Either way we know for a fact that it was engraved in Paris before it was silver plated. There is of course a possibility that some of the plating is original but some re-plating has occurred after repair work.

There are some small dings / undulations throughout but nothing unsightly, the neck is PERFECT and probably the best example of a 50s mark VI neck I've come across.

Being of the most coveted era of the mark VI tenor and having had a full overhaul it plays, as you would imagine, fantastically. It has all the low end response that you'd expect with a 50's VI and a stunning voice throughout. Certainly one of the finest examples of a mark VI we've come across to date.

As with all our used instruments it comes with a 7 day approval, 6 momth warranty and free service.

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