(Used) Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor circa.1949

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Despite currently being in good playing condition this particular SBA needs a more detailed description to highlight it’s functional yet rehabilitated state. There is heavy wear on the body and keywork from many years of regular professional use. There are a number of signs of repair / patches throughout the body, neck and keywork to address the wear and tear. 
Ideally this instrument needs to undergo a reasonable amount of preventative structural restoration work to get it ready for another decade or two of regular use. 
All parts, albeit heavily worn, are present and functional and there is very little sign of ‘damage’ (other than wear), it’s clearly been gigged hard but also well cared for along the way.
Good examples of SBA tenors can cost well in excess  of £10,000 therefore this horn has been priced appropriately to reflect the necessary investment a buyer will have to make.
Ideal restoration project or moderately priced SBA for light use
Great warm broad tone synonymous with SBA tenors
Sensible offers welcomed

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