Yamaha YTS82Z Tenor Saxophone (Ex-Demo)

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With a powerful sound and the ability to play fast passages without difficulty, the Z is crafted to meet your highest expectations.
In the tradition of those coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal colour. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty.

The metal resonators offer an outstanding response and deliver a wider dynamic range. The entire range of the instrument has a clearer pronunciation, providing effortless playability all around.

An improved mechanism from low B-C# connection ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument.

Lighter thumb rest and thumb hook base designs produce better response and a more cohesive tone.

An adjustable Front F mechanism gives the player the freedom to find the optimal level of resistance in the altissimo range.

The 82Z is supplied in a high quality lightweight case with a shoulder strap

  • Specifications



Body finish: Gold lacquer

Neck: G1

Auxiliary Keys: High F# , Front F

Key buttons material: Mother of pearl

Bell Decoration: Hand engraved

Thumb hook: Adjustable

Key of Instrument: Bb

Included Accessories: Mouthpiece (TS4CM)

Case: TSC-820

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