If you like many others are choosing to indulge in the latest fad of not leaving the house, yet you still want to try out some new gear - fear not!

We're giving all our customers FREE delivery on everything within mainland UK indefinitely, from a box of reeds to a baritone sax.... it's all free, gratis, on the house.

Simply shop on our website as normal and you won't be charged anything for postage at the checkout!

And don't forget that we offer a 7 day approval period on all instruments AND mouthpieces

Here's the boring bit that's usually called 'small print' but I'll make it a tiny bit bigger than the normal text (take that consumerism!)


  • Mainland UK only

  • Offer valid indefinitely until further notice

  • Items returned under our approval scheme are subject to our standard terms & conditions

  • Some packaging may be flat-packed to conform with shipping cost thresholds, i.e. Some reed outer packaging may be removed so that they can be shipped as a 'large letter'.