Cebulla Saxophone Neck Strap

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The Cebulla straps features a 'split padding' design that relieves pressure from the spinal column making for a much more comfortable playing position and alleviating numbness in the neck from many hours of playing, the padding is made from high quality soft leather which is both comfortable and durable.

The medium length strap is usually suitable for Soprano and Alto, and the long length strap suitable for Tenor and Baritone

The adjuster strap comes in tow widths with the widest of the two allowing the strap to open wider and reduce pressure on the sides of your neck for a more free blowing playing position.

Here's what the manufacturer says:

"It began in 1995 when I increased my playing time to 6 hours. I felt more and more numbness in the vertebrae of my neck. While attending a yoga seminar, I realized that this area of the neck, also called the center of creativity, can be blocked by external pressure. This significant tension can slow blood supply to the brain and cause rapid fatigue. To remove this block I began experimenting and developing a new kind of neck strap. 

In 1996 I made my first Cebulla Sax Strap. I then had 50 saxophonists test the new strap over a period of several months. Since 1996, while continuing to innovate, I have created more than 30,000 straps, each one by hand."

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