Humidity controlled reed storage case

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Keeping reeds in good condition can be difficult, confusing, and often more expensive that it needs to be!

We've found a perfectly sized air-tight container that holds half a dozen reeds comfortably alongside a 'D'addario reed vitalizer' which regulates the humidity inside the case for optimum reed performance every time.

How does it work? Simply remove the outer packaging of the D'addario reed vitalizer sachet and place it inside the case, then fill it with your reeds and you're good to go! The sachet will keep the humidity in the case at 72% so whenever you need to use them they're good-to-go! And unlike other reed cases, this one is air tight so your vitalizer pack will last WAY longer.

The case comes with one D'addario reed vitilizer sachet

Reeds NOT included! ;)


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