JodyJazz GIANT (Garzone signature) tenor sax mouthpiece


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The GIANT Tenor combines the shape of hard rubber with the precision of Anodized Aluminum to create an extraordinarily big, rich and full Tenor sound. Now working with George Garzone, Jody Espina has developed the new GIANT Tenor George Garzone Signature.

What Jody Espina says:

"George Garzone is one of my favorite Sax players and in my opinion one of the greatest Tenor players of all time. He is inarguably one of the greatest living Tenor players today,” says Jody. “Larger tip openings give you more harmonics in the sound and a darker tone. The larger distance allows the reed to vibrate further, generating more harmonics. I knew these characteristics would truly lend themselves to the inherent qualities of the GIANT Tenors but larger tip openings saxophone mouthpieces are more difficult to play and require more control and practice. So I was determined to develop large tip openings to offer in the GIANT range that would be easier to play and working with George I’m proud to say we’ve more than achieved that goal.”

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