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Prevent sticky saxophone key pads G#, Eb & C# with Key Leaves
Leaf-shape props slide safely under key arms to air-dry sax pads and stop sticky keys
Alto + Tenor + Bari + Bass + C Melody Saxophones. Adapts to Fit All!
Proven to Totally Eliminate severe key sticking and reduce all other sticky sax keys by 98% – Key Leaves patented sax care products are the best way to stop sticky saxophone keys. See for yourself at
Reduce sax repair and save pad life without touching delicate pad leather
Key Leaves help you leave keys open to dry, stopping sticky saxophone pads including the notorious sticky G#, C# and Eb. After playing, slide the leaf-shape props under the key arms of Eb and Low C#. This opens those pads plus the G# to dry clean, preventing bacteria and yeast growth that cause key sticking malfunction. Keep your sax cleaner and protect pad leather naturally without all the messy pad powder, cleaning paper, pad oil, pad dryers or gimmicks. Add Key Leaves to your saxophone care kit and add years to the life of your instrument.
Children often struggle to learn saxophone hygiene, so we did a disgusting field test to see if this product worked without ever cleaning the sax for an entire year! Using Key Leaves props and nothing else, there were 98% fewer sticky rotten sax keys. If used as directed with sax swab cleaning, results are even better.
Save money and reduce repair by stopping the nasty yeast, bacteria and mold that eat your saxophone and endanger health.
Safe on all finishes and for use in any sax case.
Works naturally without touching pad leather.
No messy pad powders, chemicals, liquids or wasteful disposables. Key Leaves offers the most effective & natural saxophone care.
Simple enough for a student and powerful enough for a pro. You only need one hand and four seconds to use Key Leaves sax key props, but they add years to the life of your saxophone and prevent expensive pad rot and saxophone damage. American made and built to last, you can trust Key leaves to help you sound your best!
*Some early vintage saxes allow use for only two keys at a time.


“Key Leaves are simply a fantastic product and long overdue in our field! I use my set every day and highly recommend them everywhere I go”  - Timothy McAllister, Saxophone Virtuoso / PRISM Quartet / Interlochen Center for the Arts / University of Michigan
"I play in some very demanding situations and refuse to let sticky G# trip up my sound. 
Key Leaves keep my saxophones playing great."  - Ron Blake - The Juilliard School / Saturday Night Live Band / Christian McBride Big Band / Mingus Big Band
“Fully delivers as advertised and is so simple and effective that I have yet to experience sticky keys since using them.”  - Dr. Paul Haar, Editor of and Associate Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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