Ted Klum Versitone Acoustimax Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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Now Availabel in Amber!

The highly acclaimed, original Acoustimax design is hand finished in a warmer sounding, amber colored, proprietary, high end material chosen for its resonant qualities, safety and durability. This base resin has never been used in the industry other than in the original Acoustimax, due to the cost, which is considerably higher than that of the finest German ebonite. For us, it is all about the sound as we endeavor to combine Teds’ original designs and unmatched level of execution with the finest technologies of today.

The secret to the VersiTone Acoustimax’s superior response, tone and intonation is a result of Ted’s unique approach to the medium chamber alto design. This design’s unique combination of material with a clear-core conical chamber results in a mouthpiece with extraordinary projection, power and warmth and a noticeable improvement in the upper register of the alto. Our customers agree that the Acoustimax is the easiest alto mouthpiece to play in tune they have ever played.

The term ‘Clear-Core’ refers to the way the VT Acoustimax transitions from the chamber to the bore. Rather than the ‘squeeze’ throat found in many medium chamber mouthpieces, the Clear-Core transitions through a series of gently swept curves, carefully shaped to maximize the acoustical performance of the mouthpiece. The Conical Sidewall design preserves the acoustical integrity of the conical shape of the air column of a saxophone. The end result for the player can be heard in the mouthpiece’s performance and the projection of sound.

VersiTone Acoustimax mouthpieces are created for exceptional strength and consistency. Once the mouthpieces arrive at our Production Facility, every mouthpiece is brought to the workbench to have the facing curve skillfully applied to ensure each piece is up to standard. Inlaid acrylic ink and final inspection complete the process. All manufacturing and hand finishing are done exclusively in the USA. No mouthpiece leaves to a customer until it satisfies Ted himself!

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