Selmer Axos Alto Saxophone

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Instrument condition: New

Suitable for Professional players

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Henri SELMER Paris is unveiling, under the trademark SeleS, a brand new model of saxophone named Axos.


This new instrument is made at our factory situated in Mantes-la-Ville, in France, just as all the different models made since 1922.

Like all of our top-of-the-range models, it carries on the craftsman-built tradition but integrating new, automated  processes such as computer assisted manufacture, which enables a high control of the dimensions of each piece thus ensuring its manufacturing quality. With the intention of having the widest appeal, Axos offers great ease of play guaranteed by fitted keys and high mechanical  reliability.

This new saxophone Axos brings with it the legacy of our history and our know-how which makes Henri SELMER Paris the saxophone world leader.

  • Specifications


Key: E-flat

Leather pads

metal resonator

Finish: colourless lacquer


Henri SELMER Paris S80 C* mouthpiece 

SeleS case

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