Signature Custom RAW Alto Saxophone

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The Signature Custom is an award wining alto sax for the professional player 

"...On the specs alone it's an impressive horn. The build quality, the setup and the whole package adds up to a very credible pro-quality instrument - and when you factor in the feel, the tone and the response I think it's fair to say that the RAW XS raises the standard for the 21st century alto..." Stephen Howard, author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual

 As an advanced and professional sax player you will have experience of playing saxophones made of different metals and finishes. The Signature Custom saxophone aims to bridge the gap between what the player 'demands' in their 'Horn' and what the manufacturer supplies in return. 

The new 'RAW' and 'RAW XS' Signature Custom saxophone have been developed following more than 12 months of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who wanted a genuine vintage sound along with an aged look to their instrument.  Unlike many other Companies who simply apply a coloured finish to the instrument to give it the appearance of being old, the RAW Custom Signature has simply been taken in it's raw manufactured condition and the mechanism added.  So when they say the instrument is really is!

The result?....An instrument with a wide amount of tonal colours, sound options and flexibility which is more personal, more advanced and unlike any other.

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Solid pilliars and fittings
Removable side F# key guard
Adjustable thumb rest
triple-point bell stay
Double Arms on Key Cups



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