(Used) Bundy Special (Made by Keilwerth)


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Ok, so I know there's some pretty crappy Bundys out there but let me tell you ...this aint one of them!

This sax is in fact a stencil horn made by Keilwerth

Fully overhauled and in tip top playing condition, this alto is the king of all sleeper horns, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Seriously though, this is easily the best performing alto you can get for under £1,000. In fact I challenge anyone to find a better sounding (fully overhauled) alto sax anywhere in the world for less money and if you can I'll pay you the difference in cold hard cash!*

As with all our used instruments it comes with a 7 day approval, 6 month warranty and free service.




Terms and condition apply, must be aged 80 or over, subject to availability, one entry per household, this is not a real competition, prizes seem smaller in real life.

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