Yamaha YBS82 Custom Baritone Saxophone


Product Details

Yamaha have now added an 82 Baritone to their already stellar lineup of custom saxophones!

Here's what Yamaha says:

"The first baritone saxophone in the Yamaha custom lineup introduces new standards of baritone sax design backed by years of research and development. The YBS-82 responds to the needs of players who are serious about tone, adding mid and high range brilliance to the instrument’s fat baritone low end.

Much more than just a low-part instrument, the YBS-82 has the versatility to take on solo roles as well."

YBS-82 can be ordered without a High F# key for a more efficient response, contact us for details.

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  • New Bell Design

  • A shorter, one piece bell design enhances intonation in all registers.

  • Revised Key layout

  • In addition to the use of lightweight keys and new support components, overall balance has been refined for more natural, stress-free hand positioning and smoother playability.

  • Adustable front F key

  • Custom Neck

  • The YBS-82 is supplied with a C1 neck that offers fast response for precise phrasing plus well-defined, versatile tone. A number of optional necks are available: 3 bore diameters in 6 configurations for a total of 18 variations, allowing players to choose the ideal neck for their playing and tonal preferences.

  • Baritone Saxophone Neck 

  • A new lightweight floor peg and peg receiver improve weight distribution and handling.

  • High-quality Mouthpiece

  • This refined mouthpiece provides excellent control with clear tone, giving the player broad expressive freedom.

  • Case with Wheels

  • A new hard case with wheels helps move the YBS-82 safely and easily.


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