Trevor James 'The Horn' Soprano Saxophone

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Launched in 2019, and with a base line on the original designs of TJ saxes in the late 1980s, this saxophone not only looks great but is tonally very encouraging to all new students of the soprano.

Soprano saxophones are notoriously known for being one of the harder saxes to control and master, however the TJ soprano’s are built for ease of playing, comfort and sound.

The TJ Horn Soprano has a smooth, fluent action to allow students to move around the instrument with ease.  

Great intonation, it's one of the more natural soprano’s to get to grips with on the student market.
WIth a solid build, designed to be robust and durable but without increasing the weight, this is a 
perfect starting soprano for anyone

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Key: B-flat
Range: Bb3 to G5 (Concert: Ab3 to F6)
Thumb Rests: Plastic upper, metal adjustable lower – So your hand can fit comfortably
Springs: Blue steel needle springs – Allowing for a smoother action
Touch pieces: Plastic
Pads: Leather
Reflectors: Metal – Allowing for a clear, brighter response and easier air flow throughout the instrument
Engraving: Floral on the side of the bell
Mouthpiece: TJ Plastic Mouthpiece – Great starter mouthpiece to get you going
Ligature: Metal 2-Screw – Best starter ligature, holding the reed on tightly to the mouthpiece. Complete with a cap.
Accessories: Reeds, Comfortable Neck Sling, Polishing Cloth
Necks: Two necks, one straight one curved for whichever playing position you would prefer
Case: Rectangular padded deluxe case with backpack straps, side pocket and side strap
Weight: 1.36 kg

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