Yanagisawa SWO10 Straight Soprano Sax

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Yanagisawa ‘Elite’ are true player’s instruments that represent the pinnacle of saxophone craftsmanship. Delivering a moderate level of resistance, the accomplished player can discover an effortless tone with unrivalled depth and flexibility.


  • Redesign of the taper and position of the tone holes allows for clearer intonation.

  • Relocated the right pinky key allows for smoother fingering.

  • Modified angle of the left palm keys ensuring easier fingering.

  • An additional plate on the neck of the Elite models for the tightening of the sound.

  • Changed the rod of the G key from brass to German silver making it stronger.

  • Redesigned hard shell case with fabric cover.



  • Specifications



  • SWO10 Lacquered Brass

  • Key of Bb 

  • Range from low Bb to high G 

  • All hand engraved 

  • Gold Lacquer 

  • Straight & Curved necks

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