Nexus One Tenor Saxophone

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First, Jack and Chad wanted to do what no new saxophone company had yet to accomplish: make a new horn as light and vibrant as a vintage Mark VI. A tall order, Jack designed a saxophone that stripped back to the bare essentials, adjusting meticulously to balance the sound, response and intonation throughout the full range. 

Then, Jack and Chad worked to refine the ergonomics and action of the saxophone to allow for limitless fluidity in response and technique. Perfecting the response and height of each key involved extensive play-testing and adjustments. The Nexus One model was finalized after over a year of playing and revising the saxophone to ensure the perfect feel from top to bottom. 

The double silver plated neck features a heightened angle to reduce resistance while maintaining control and pitch. The end ferrule on the neck has a unique flange that increases brilliance and speeds up airflow from the mouthpiece and neck connection. Projection is increased further by eliminating the neck bracing and widening the angle of the flange at the end of the neck.

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• Pisoni Pro Italian Leather Pads

• Nickel Plated Brass Resonators

• Ultra Suede regulation material

• Meticulous Balance of Natural and Synthetic Cork

• Double Silver Plated Neck 

• Soldered Bell and Bow. The old-school process for increased resonance

• Premium blued steel springs

• Light key action. Feels broken in right out of the case

• True bare brass body, keys and bell. Will age beautifully over time

• Equivalent weight to vintage saxophones like the Selmer Mark VI



• Each Nexus One is set up exclusively by Jack Tyler (owner of the Boston Sax Shop)

• Each individual Nexus One saxophone is play tested by Chad LB before shipment


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