Selmer Signature Tenor Saxophone

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The tenor Signature is a reinvention of the Series III model, which has been a favorite of numerous saxophonists for its acoustic qualities and its ergonomic comfort since its launch in 1995. With an increase in the diameter of the neck receiver, this new model offers rare precision and a full sound. Strongly inspired by the Series III, its ergonomics is suitable for all musicians, regardless of their ability level and musical genre. Equipped with a new neck receiver system with three-point tightening developed for the Supreme model, the tenor Signature ensures perfect homogeneity of sound. 

A saxophone that is at once traditional and a beacon of modernity, the tenor Signature is embellished with original engraving in the Art Deco style, paying homage to the age-old techniques handed down through generations of artisans at the SELMER factory in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919. This unique place emanates power and magic; craftsmanship is omnipresent and fundamental, and human hands create the sound.

  • Specifications



  • Key: alto E-flat/ tenor B-flat

  • Ambitus : Low B-flat to high F-sharp 

  • Neck receiver with concentric three-point tightening 

  • Adjustable neck receiver tightening ring in nickel-silver

  • Fine gold gilded metal thumb supports 

  • Keys inlaid with natural mother-of-pearl

  • Leather pads with riveted metal resonators 

  • Exclusive Signature engraving

  • Dark Signature lacquer

  • Concept mouthpiece

  • Exclusive Signature case

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