Signature Custom RAW Tenor Saxophone

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Suitable for Professional players

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The award winning tenor for professional sax players, built in England

"A monster sax" ...Andy Sheppard
"This is not just a good horn, it's a great Horn".....Andy Snitzer
"...The TJ boffins were looking for a horn that would break them into the pro market. They've found it, and in so doing have rewritten the shortlist. It's not just a good horn, it's a great horn ‐ and for the price you'd have to be utterly, utterly insane not to try one before buying anything else. .....Stephen Howard...Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual
Along with a well built body that includes level and smooth tone holes, the Signature Custom Raw saxophones come with other features that have become a staple of the best modern saxophones.

Describing the tone of the Raw Saxophones can be challenging. The Big Bell Raw puts out a huge sound, but while many professional saxophones have a ‘central character’, be it warmth, darkness, or brightness, the Signature Custom Raw’s tonal center is very dependant on the individual player . A slight change in technique can bring out vastly different levels of warmth, or brightness for example.


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Solid pilliars and fittings
Removable side F# key guard
Adjustable thumb rest
triple-point bell stay
Double Arms on Key Cups


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