Boston Sax Shop Tenor Reeds (Box of 5)

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FLAT-PACK: Boston Sax Shop reeds come to us in large quantity, unsealed as individual reeds in plastic holders, therefore without assembling the packaging and sending them (along with the flat packed box) in a large letter package we massively reduce our postage cost enabling us to sell you the reeds cheaper and deliverable through a standard letterbox! We take safety and hygiene very seriously and guarantee that no reeds we sell have been touched whatsoever since leaving the factory. If for any reason you're not happy for your reeds to be flat packed, it's not a problem! We can deliver them with packaging fully constructed at a £2 additional cost (to pay for it to be sent as a small parcel).

We hope you agree with our decision, please contact us if you have any suggestions :)


Here's what Jack Finucane from Boston Sax Shop says: 

"Designing the Boston Sax Shop reed line has been a dream of mine, stemmed from the frustration that many of us as players have searching for that ‘perfect’ reed. For years I personally struggled to find a well balanced reed that would promote a warm, homogenous tone while still allowing me to project. Most ‘jazz’ cut reeds seemed to play too ‘bright’ and ‘buzzy’ but offered the projection I needed while ‘classical’ reeds had the depth and evenness I was searching for but simply could not cut across a band. So with the help of the finest French cane manufacturer in the world, I designed a ‘hybrid’ jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating a reed that did exactly what I asked; providing a warm and dark tone while still being able to be pushed.

I certainly hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do!"

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