Champion Tenor Saxophone Case

Exc. UK Tax £66.67

Product Details

  • Light weight, but tough construction to protect your instrument

  • Durable woven showerproof outer cover

  • Grab handle 

  • Padded backstraps with internal padding and breathable mesh (one zip pocket on outside of strap) that can be hidden behind a velcro or zipped cover (Saxophone models)

  • Separate shoulder strap that can be attached on the top and bottom of the case

  • Plush velour moulded interior

  • Reflective flash features on front pockets, zip surrounds and backstraps

  • Ez-grip highly visible zip pulls

  • Outer accessory / music pockets

  • Integral pen and phone pouch (larger cases)

  • Velcro handle cover to keep handles together.

The only sax that will not fit this case are Keilwerth large bow models and old style saxophones with the bell keys on the underside of the bell.

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