Ted Klum London Precision Model Tenor

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PLEASE NOTE: The image shows a Gold Plated finish. Rhodium Plating has the same appearance as Silver Plating.

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Here's what Ted says:

"The London Precision Model combines the slimmer Precision model outer geometry with our New London interior classic British bullet chamber design. As opposed to the heavy New London which accommodates a hard rubber alto ligature, the London Precision Model accommodates a standard metal tenor ligature such as the Selmer 404, (we recommend the Marc Jean Model 893).   It is machined from Brass, meticulously hand finished and has a hard rubber bite plate. The obvious question of “how does the performance compare to the New London can best be summed up by the comments of a customer who insisted on trying both: “I cannot part with either the London Precision or the New London. They are the 2 best mouthpieces I’ve ever played. Although similar, they are also different from each other. The New London is less bright than the Precision, but still free blowing and sooooo easy to play. I can play most any style with it, but I feel it is best for jazz. The Precision is a bit brighter but has a certain “character” to its’ sound that is easy to hear but difficult to describe in words. Short story, I’m keeping both!”

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