WoodWindDesign Baritone Low A Stand

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Extreme stability

WoodWindDesign’s new carbon stand for baritone saxophone LOW A  (PATENT PENDING) is extremely stable due to the big footprint of the four legs with rubber feet, the shock absorbing design and the specially designed bell holder. This bell holder is a perfect match to the curves of the bell itself, and therefore has a big contact area with the bell. Because this contact area is lined with real rubber (no foam rubber) the grip on the instrument is perfect, as is the protection of your instrument. If you’d have to change instruments very quickly and you would place the instrument in the stand in an awkard position, the instrument will stay in that position and will not slip further or tilt (pictures 7, 8 and 9). The two lower instrument supports are the endings of the rear legs. These contact points are lined with rubber for extra grip and protection as well.

Lightweight & telescopic design
The stand can be fully disassembled through the durable friction joints. The five carbon tubes have different diameters and they all fit into one another. Tubes and tube holder can be stored into the baritone’s bell, the bell holder fits over the bell in the instrument case. You will always have your stand with you, literally without feeling the extra weight, which is only 500 grams / 1.1 lbs. Yet another advantage is, that you do not have an extra luggage item, which is excellent when you travel with public transport. Or with multiple instruments. Plus: you do not have to make extra costs checking in at the airport, because your stand is where the instrument is all the time.

Weight: 500 grams / 1.1 lbs
Four legs with rubber feet
Transportable inside the instrument
Extremely stable

Would you feel more comfortable transporting the tubes of your stand in a protecting cloth pouch? Add one to your order!


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