Yanagisawa Sixs tenor Sax Ligature

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Here's what Yanagisawa says:

“Yany” is from the nickname, while “SIXS” is a term that derives from the six spaces established between the mouthpiece and reed. This is the secret behind the appealing tonal qualities this ligature allows.

Set includes:

SIXS LIGATURE: For all tenor sax and alto clarinet sax hard-rubber mouthpieces • Gold-plated brass • Band designed with six spatially arranged contact points • Four Ebonite spacers that hug the mouthpiece barrel • Inverted single-screw mechanism (gold-plated brass ornamental head) • Four disc-shaped points that stabilise the reed.

SIXS CAP: White plastic cap that fits the "SIXS" ligature for tenor sax and alto clarinet. 

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