Boston Sax Shop 'Silver Label' Alto Sax reeds (Box of 10)

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Here's what BSS say:

"Our NEW ‘Silver Label’ Cut

The Custom Reeds ‘Silver Label’ are a more brilliant counterpart to our original ‘Black Label’ reeds. Utilizing the thicker tip profile that makes Boston Sax Shop reeds so unique, I designed a new reed cut that evokes a more modern, radiant sound.

The ‘Silver Label’ reeds are an ideal option for players looking for additional projection and a little edge without sacrificing the evenness, consistency and resilience that Boston Sax Shop reeds have become famous for. I couldn't be prouder of the results."

-Jack Tyler (Owner and Designer)


The ‘Silver Label’ Custom reeds run with equivalent strength grading to ‘Back Label’ Cut

Sold in boxes of 5 and 10 reeds


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