Learning the saxophone FAQ
10 Feb 17

Learning the saxophone FAQ

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So you’re interested in unleashing you're inner awesomeness and you want to learn how to play the saxophone? I don’t blame you, it’s about the most badass thing you could ever do apart from learning to fly or becoming an actual Jedi.


Here’s some of the more frequently asked questions we get before people start learning. Answered by our resident awesomeness coach - Sophie Stockham.


If you’ve got any other questions or you want to try it out, you can contact us here



Q: How long does it take to learn to play the saxophone? 


A: I will get you playing immediately. You will be playing tunes within the first few months!



Q: Can I learn to play it without any previous music experience? 


A: Definitely yes.



Q: What happens in the first lesson? 


A: During the first lesson I will take you through the basics of saxophone, and you will learn a tune and or a scale to play around with!



Q: Which saxophone should I learn on? 


A: Alto saxophones are best for children, theres even an ‘Alpha’ sax for really small hands!


Adults can choose tenor if they want, but most tend to start on Alto



Q: How often should I have a lesson? 


A: Dependent on how much you can practise. Weekly lessons are advised for children and every 2 weeks for adults.


Q: How long does a lesson usually last? 


A: Lessons usually last 40 mins for beginners and 1 hour for people that have played before.


Q: Do I have to do grades? 


A: Only if you want to! Grades are a great tool for development and guaging what level you are at, however you can develop just as quickly without taking grades. 


Q: Do I need to read music? 


A: No we will teach you how to read, and we will learn some music by ear.



Q: How long until I can play baker street? 


A: 1 year! (for it to be convincing)



Q: How much should I spend on my first saxophone? 


A: £350 will get you a perfectly good entry level saxophone, but you can rent one for as little as £19 per month.



Q: Is it easier to learn jazz or classical? 


A: Both are the same. Whether you take the Jazz or classical route is completely a personal preference. You can learn both.



Q: What mouthpiece should a beginner use? 


A: Yamaha 4C is the most highly recommended beginner mouthpiece on the market.



Q: Will learning the saxophone improve my chances of becoming a millionaire and opening my own gym?


A: Yes*



To find out more about FREE saxophone lessons at the only specialist saxophone shop in Bristol, click here


*Some views expressed in this article may be based on the authors interpritation of events that may or may not have happened in the past, present or future.



If you'd like to talk more about learning the saxophone, come and visit our showroom at 19 Zetland Rd, Brisol, BS6 7AH or call us on 0117 907 0493

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